Čitajući Prusta…

While I was reading the novel “Swann In Love” written by Marcel Proust I found this beautiful painting: “A woman Of Ambition” is the masterpiece of a James Tissot, the famous painter of a Parisienne high society and a master in rendering female charms. I was delighted. This lady could be a courtesan Odette and some of these fine gentlemen could be Mr Swan. At this point of view, I can’t blame Odette for her behaviour – playing with the hearts of men, or perhaps with their minds is definitely her talent, well-trained skill. Proust is an excellent observer, sometimes I think I could eat, hear and live every single word he has written in this book.
James Tissot A Woman of Ambition

Jedna Svanova Ljubav

“Ali odjednom je bilo kao da je ona ušla, i ta pojava je bila za njega tako razdiruć bol da je prineo ruku srcu. Jer, to se violina popela do visokih tonova, gde je ostala kao u nekom iščekivanju , iščekivanju koje se produžavalo  a da violina nije prestajala da drži te tonove u svome zanosu što već opaža predmet svog iščekivanja, koji se približavao, i u očajničkom naporu da istraje do njegovog dolaska, da ga dočeka pre nego što uzdahne, da mu još za trenutak, poslednjim snagama, održi put otvoren da mogne proći, kao što čovek pridržava vrata  koja bi se inače zalupila. I pre nego što je Swan stigao da shvati i da u sebi pomisli: “To je mala fraza iz Ventejeve sonate, nemojmo to slušati!”, sva sećanja iz vremena kada je Odeta bila zaljubljena u njega, sećanja koja je on do tog dana uspevao da zadrži nevidljiva u dubini svog bića, obmanuta tim nenadanim zrakom iz doba ljubavi i poverovavši da se ono vratilo, behu se probudila i punim zamahom krila doletela da mu zanosno, bez milosti za njegov sadašnji jad, pevaju zaboravljene pripeve o sreći.”

The White Parasol

CH377762 The Hammock (oil on canvas) by Tissot, James Jacques Joseph (1836-1902); Private Collection; Photo ¬© Christie’s Images; French, out of copyright

“This isn’t a hair do. It is hair don’t…


The first book of this year, start reading right mow… the choice was made by Lady Me Daydreammer, who has  Moon in Aries in a 12th house 🙂

“Eventually, we arrived at the hairdo – earphone configuration. Well, what do you think of this one, darling? Be honest now. You are goin’ to have to wear this hairstyle for a while. She had no idea exactly how long.
It’s okay. I managed. I mean, I like it better than a lot of the others.. I mean, no offense, but…
Oh, darling, no offense taken. I’m just trying to give them what they want, though I’m not so sure they know precisely what that is.
Can’t it be something simpler? I mean, why does the hair have to be …. you know…so…
It’s an outer space film, my lovely, we can’t have you larkin’ abour wearin’ what I think you call a ponytail with a fringe, can we now? No, indeed, so let’s you and me give the powers that be another little show, shall we?
Okay, I responded briskly, let’s go in there and kick some – Pat looked at me and I smiled to broadly. Fuck me twice and cover me with applesauce”