Buddha from Solitaire

“Let’s be dreamy and inspirational,” creative director for Balmain, Olivier Rousteing

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Yesterday (or perhaps the day after yesterday?!) I started my Silver Cyber Life – long digital phantasy, Invented Universe. I covered it with photos of Balmain Haute Couture Spring 2019. which I found charming and refreshing, especially makeup (please, pay attention, this photo is mine), and filled it with the sound of a Stellardrone, amateur composer (Edgaras, b.1987) who started creating music in 2007. using only computer software (Reason, Ableton, Audacity) and virtual synthesizers. He, Stellardrone, is mostly interested in ambient/electronic/space music. Releasing all albums for free and promotes free sharing of digital copies. I recommend SoundCloud for free listening: https://soundcloud.com/stellardrone
Anyway, I deliberately choose Olivier Rousteing and StellarDrone for the basis of my S.C.L. because of their rare and valuable manifestation of beauty, and because Rousteing’s exaggerated, reimagined ’80s volumes and ultra-pretty pastels.


Here’s what I’ve found what people talk about Stellardrone music…
It’s tragic how people of the future might get to experience affordable and meditating trips to the moon and other planets. And they’d look back in time at us and think: “These were some bad times. How did people go by without a single trip into outer space?”

This is what music is based on, no words needed, you fill in the blanks from within your soul and totally emerge yourself into the digital realm of the beat.