Photo @bythewaysweety   

I’m colouring the day with beautiful song, “Josephine”. I’m colouring the day with blue colour, deep sea, lovers kiss, pearl necklace and skating. Ice dancing. You must have heard it. The song. It was written by British singer and songwriter Chris Rea realised on 22 June 1985 on the album Shamrock Diaries. I haven’t pay attention to this album before, and I didn’t know it was dedicated to his daughter which I found quite charming.

I think everyone has their own “Josephine”. Mine is like a deep sweet memory, the memory on the fashion editorial we’ve made a few years ago for the fashion magazine “GloriaIN”. When I look back, I think it was a wonderful time, no one wanted to go to sleep, and the photos I’ve made was motivated only by the wish to keep a track, put it into the eternity the goodwill of my son to borrow us his sabre. Thnx 🙂 love my life



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